Recent Reads for 7/12/2016

Venezuela PDVSA unit eyes up to $600 mln to overhaul Aruba refinery  Reuters

American Drivers Fueling a Wave of Deals for Ethanol Makers – Ethanol makers are on the hunt for deals amid record demand for the biofuel, which has been spurred by rising gasoline consumption… The U.S. ethanol industry is still fragmented compared to oil, its biggest customer. The five-biggest companies account for about 46 percent of capacity.  Bloomberg

Global oil majors look to shed refineries as crude prices rebound  Hydrocarbon Processing

Cruel summer for U.S. refiners as margins tank  Reuters

Asian oil refiners cut output to fight oversupply, low margins  Reuters


Recent Reads for 6/14/2016

Citgo, Aruba clinch deal to reactive refinery – the agreement involves a 25-year lease to allow Citgo to operate the refinery, after investments amounting to at least $1 billion. Reuters

As Chemical Makers Balk at New Plants, Earnings Stand to Rise – the supply provided by the current wave of new ethane cracker and polyethylene capacity may put downward pressure on margins, but that will not last due to  global demand that grows by the equivalent of three to five large ethylene plants every year. Bloomberg

The Top 5 Chemicals Involved in Injury-Causing Accidents Chem.Info

Gevo considers selling itself C&EN


Recent Reads for 5/12/2016

U.S. refiners tighten belts as golden era fades – “We are going to have a prolonged period where the refiners can meet the sum of domestic and international demand without expansion…”  Reuters

The Unloved Business That’s Saved Big Oil From Low Energy Prices – … with most major oil companies losing money in their production and exploration units, petrochemicals have become one of the biggest… sources of income… cheap energy translates into cheap raw materials and higher margins… companies like Shell and Exxon have invested in new plants to profit from the abundance of… ethane. Rather than consume more expensive refined products such as naphtha as feedstock for petrochemicals, they’re using cheaper ethane directly.  Bloomberg

EIA sees Brent oil prices rebounding to $76/barrel in 2017  Reuters

A Cellulosic Ethanol Milestone – It would appear that most of the current cellulosic ethanol production is coming from POET and DuPont.  Forbes

Top 50 U.S. chemical producers of 2015 – The merger and acquisition frenzy won’t abate anytime soon, according to Scott Kleinman, lead partner at the private equity firm Apollo Global Management… Kleinman sees the corporate restructuring trend continuing, driven in part by activist investors. In addition, slow economic growth in the U.S. and Europe means companies must look to mergers and acquisitions to expand sales and profits, he pointed out… “I think you are going to see deals you thought would never happen happen this year…” C&EN

The future of low-cost solar cells  C&EN


Recent Reads for 3/26/2016

BASF and Avantium join for biopolyester: Partnership could challenge technology from DuPont and ADM C&EN

Green carboxylation could convert biomass to plastic C&EN

PET resin dumped in U.S., government finds C&EN

Bacteria feast on plastic: Microbes that munch on polyethylene terephthalate could be used to biodegrade this popular polymer C&EN

Renewable energy’s global growing pains: Markets around the world are making amazing progress, but not quickly enough Ars Technica

Building Better Batteries for Long-Distance Driving and Faster-Charging Electronics

Big solar is heading for boom times in the US: Riding three strengths, overcoming one weakness Vox

Motor Vehicles Increasingly Vulnerable to Remote Exploits FBI-IC3



Recent Reads for 3/19/2016

Low oil prices drying up ethanol producers’ profits – expecting corn ethanol plants to continue to operate and cover costs but not make much money Iowa City Press-Citizen

The US Environmental Protection Agency is considering a request by several independent refiners to shift the responsibility for complying with the federal biofuels mandate to blenders Platts

How GE Exorcised the Ghost of Jack Welch to Become a 124-Year-Old Startup – developing an operating system for the Industrial Internet of Things… with Owen the coder Bloomberg

About That U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance … U.S. manufacturers may have permanently destroyed their ability to make certain products here. Bloomberg


Recent Reads for 3/6/2016

Sinking prices, soaring inventories plague U.S. ethanol market Reuters

Venezuela Said to Consider Aruba Refinery to Upgrade Heavy Oil Bloomberg

U.S. crude, gasoline inventories extend build to record highs – EIA Reuters

Second-Generation Biofuel Markets: State of Play, Trade and Developing Country Perspectives United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The Unbearable Asymmetry of Bullsh!t Quillette

Biofuels from algae: technology options, energy balance and GHG emissions – a literature review paints a pessimistic picture EU Joint Research Centre