Recent Reads for 3/26/2016

BASF and Avantium join for biopolyester: Partnership could challenge technology from DuPont and ADM C&EN

Green carboxylation could convert biomass to plastic C&EN

PET resin dumped in U.S., government finds C&EN

Bacteria feast on plastic: Microbes that munch on polyethylene terephthalate could be used to biodegrade this popular polymer C&EN

Renewable energy’s global growing pains: Markets around the world are making amazing progress, but not quickly enough Ars Technica

Building Better Batteries for Long-Distance Driving and Faster-Charging Electronics

Big solar is heading for boom times in the US: Riding three strengths, overcoming one weakness Vox

Motor Vehicles Increasingly Vulnerable to Remote Exploits FBI-IC3



Recent Reads for 3/19/2016

Low oil prices drying up ethanol producers’ profits – expecting corn ethanol plants to continue to operate and cover costs but not make much money Iowa City Press-Citizen

The US Environmental Protection Agency is considering a request by several independent refiners to shift the responsibility for complying with the federal biofuels mandate to blenders Platts

How GE Exorcised the Ghost of Jack Welch to Become a 124-Year-Old Startup – developing an operating system for the Industrial Internet of Things… with Owen the coder Bloomberg

About That U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance … U.S. manufacturers may have permanently destroyed their ability to make certain products here. Bloomberg


Recent Reads for 3/6/2016

Sinking prices, soaring inventories plague U.S. ethanol market Reuters

Venezuela Said to Consider Aruba Refinery to Upgrade Heavy Oil Bloomberg

U.S. crude, gasoline inventories extend build to record highs – EIA Reuters

Second-Generation Biofuel Markets: State of Play, Trade and Developing Country Perspectives United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The Unbearable Asymmetry of Bullsh!t Quillette

Biofuels from algae: technology options, energy balance and GHG emissions – a literature review paints a pessimistic picture EU Joint Research Centre